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A sport is such a vast subject.  It is like an ocean.  Team events could be anything from golf, to parasailing, to wind surfing, to baseball, to cricket, to indoor games of snooker etc.  And to get together to invoke the fun element, there are a couple of to do points, which may be listed as follows:

  1. Get in touch with your team to come up with a suitable timing for the planned event.
  2. Make sure that the weather is not going to go awry and play a spoilsport, since you can't expect to go surfing when a cyclone is expected.
  3. Make sure that the venue is able to accommodate the team.  Now the venue is as per the sport, you can't play snooker in the wild!

Now once you have a clear idea on the above, then remember to jot down a list of these further things to do:

  1. List the sports equipment that you will be carrying together.
  2. List the equipment that you will be hiring.  For example the hire of skis or the hire of diving equipment.  If you are having an outdoor event that demands camping, then all the camping equipment that needs to be taken along should also be listed.
  3. Bring along any instructions or safety notices for your equipment
  4. Pack up the right footwear, this may include formal footwear if evening entertainment is arranged.
  5. Pack up the right sports clothing.
  6. List all the accessories required, these could be wristbands, helmet, knee caps, gloves, sun glasses, emergency lights, compass, radios etc
  7. Keep a first aid pack and any medication that may be required
  8. Make sure that a medical team can meet you in the event of an emergency
  9. Draw up emergency plans.
  10. Carry some packed/tinned food and some energy rich drinks or food.

Now that you're all ready to set off, why not have a welcome function to start the event?  Make sure you discuss your emergency plans, and means of communication with each other.  Don't forget to relax in the evening after your event with some relaxing events - this could be as simple as having a beer in the bar, or ensuring your hotel has seom leisure facilities.  If it is a family tour, the event manager may be required to plan events that take care of the spouse and children as well.  Evenings are the time to relax and smile about the day's events, and it could be further bettered by having a sumptuous spread of the most lavish cuisine and drinks.  You could also have the evenings planned in a way that you can enjoy some indoor games in the evenings; snooker or billiards is not a bad idea.  Also you could spend the evening watching a live game, or maybe a recorded version of some great game.  You could also have a theme party in the evenings.

After your stay comes to an end, you can have the most fabulous party!

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