How to Choose the Best Printer

Selecting an excellent printer for your home or business can be challenging due to the scores of models available and also the complicated technical specifications. But getting a printer that meets your needs is most important. With a few tips and research, you can choose an excellent printer. Let’s see a few features and aspects of a superb printer.

Smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity


Almost all modern printers in the market can be Wi-Fi connected. If you choose a printer that can be connected wirelessly, you have not reservations about the location of the printer. Most new printers have features that make them easy to connect to smartphones. Investing in a printer that can connect to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is a wise investment since these devices have become part of our daily lives.

Multifunction Printers

An excellent printer should be able to perform several tasks. For example, your printer should be able to scan documents and photos besides printing. A multifunctional printer has a standard inkjet or laser printer besides an additional flatbed scanner on top that is used to scan the documents. Some advanced models have an inbuilt fax/modem; thus, they can also function as fax machines. A multifunctional printer is beneficial since you’ll not require a big space for the equipment nor additional power outlets or ports on your computer.

Inkjet vs. Laser

inkjet printer

When choosing an ideal printer for your home or office, it’s also essential to decide whether you’ll use a laser printer or an inkjet. A laser printer uses a toner while an inkjet printer will use ink while printing. Although the difference in the toners and ink is negligible; thus, it’s crucial to choose what you prefer, but remember, you’ll be replacing the cartridges and toners frequently.

Image Quality

Based on your business or how you intend to use the printer, it’s also crucial to consider the image quality. If your work involves complex tasks such as design work, you’ll require a superior-quality printer. On the other hand, if you need the printer for printing text materials, then a simple printer will do fine.

It’s also important to consider the running cost of the printer. This is most crucial if you deal with bulk printing. It’s advisable to use refillable cartridges if you’ll be printing large volumes of work. Additional, don’t let the cartridges to dry up entirely before refilling since this can damage your printer and increase the repair costs.